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Rory Turns 6 (or is it 16?)

Miss Rory on her 6th birthday

This is my princess, Aurora Skye. We call her Rory.

Rory turned 6 on Sunday. I think. Honestly, sometimes I’m not sure how old she actually is. I frequently say she is going on 16. You decide.

Rory is a lover of all things musical.  She can name all 10 members of Straight No Chaser by sight, and many by voice (#TinyChaser).  She treasures her autographed Sonos CD and poster.  She loves the House Jacks (see previous post regarding the House Balls), but since all the shows local to us seem to happen in a bar in Berkeley, we haven’t been to see them live yet.

Rory’s musical love is not limited to a cappella, although she hears a lot of that.  Some of her favorite songs are Firework (there’s a video of her performing this song at age 5, below), Moves Like Jagger, and All the Single Ladies, with choreography. She can also identify Sweet Home Alabama in 8 notes.

So, we are big fans of The Big Bang Theory in our house.  It is not unusual for us to watch an episode every day.  Last Friday night the kidlets and I watched the one where Sheldon trains Penny with chocolate. Here’s a link to short clip, if you’ve never seen it.

The show ended around 9:00 pm, which is past normal bedtime.  Rory disappeared into the kitchen, which she typically does to get herself some water before bed, but then came over to the couch where I was reading.  Then this happened:

Rory:  Mommy, since it’s my birthday weekend, can I stay up and watch whatever I want?
Me: Sure, sweetie.
Rory, holding out her hand: Have a marshmallow.

To see more funny things my kidlets have said, check out their Twitter @ourkidsarenuts.

Sidenote: Holy crap, I had no idea that video had over 800 views. That’s hilarious.

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Things I Won’t Tell My Daughter

While in the car the other day, I started messing with my iPod to put some music on, and my 5-year old daughter Rory announced:

I think it would be great if the House Jacks and Ball in the House would sing together. They could be the House Balls!

I promptly tweeted, and this happened. If you don’t read Twitter, that’s too bad.

Christine M.@LovedeAcapella
5yo Miss Rory just created her own #acappella supergroup by requesting to hear the House Balls (@theHousejacks + @ballinthehouse)

♫ S.J. Fosnaught ♫ @SarahFosnaught
@LovedeAcapella @thehousejacks @ballinthehouse HA. I was thinking of BiTH and @homefreeguys. Wait.

Nick Girard ‏ @nicholasgirard
@LovedeAcapella @theHousejacks @ballinthehouse House Balls?! Made my night.

Ryan Chappelle ‏ @Bassguy_Ry
Love it. RT @nicholasgirard: @LovedeAcapella @theHousejacks @ballinthehouse House Balls?! Made my night.

Home Free @HomeFreeGuys
@SarahFosnaught @lovedeacapella @thehousejacks @ballinthehouse when our forces combine, we are House Free Jack Balls #captainplanetgonewrong

@HomeFreeGuys @SarahFosnaught @lovedeacapella @thehousejacks @ballinthehouse Can we join to make it House Free Jack Blue Balls?

Christine M.@LovedeAcapella
@blueprintvocals @HomeFreeGuys @SarahFosnaught @thehousejacks @ballinthehouse I am so not reporting this conversation back to 5yo Rory. Ack.

You a cappella people are out of control.