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BOSS 2012 Hangover: Because of FRIDAY



As many of you already know who follow me on the Twitter (@LovedeAcapella), I attended Boston Sings A Cappella Festival (BOSS) produced by CASA (Contemporary A cappella Society). Two weeks later, I still have an a cappella hangover.

I will start by telling you that I went not knowing anyone, other than via Twitter or other social media, and I came away with a multitude of new acquaintances, friends, and aca-crushes.  So, if you’re considering attending an a cappella festival, being by yourself and not knowing anyone is no excuse. If I can do it, anyone can.

I was blessed to have a  BOSS VIP Pass and was constantly surrounded by good people, good music, and good fun, and was frequently overwhelmed (in a happy way) to the point of tears.

So much happened, I thought I would break my report up by days. It was truly the experience of a lifetime for this a cappella fan.


I actually arrived in a very rainy Boston on Thursday, April 12, around 2:30 pm local time.  My cousins Jeff and Kelly picked me up, and we did a quick driving tour of the high points of Boston (Bunker Hill, Fenway, places Jeff and Kelly have lived and worked, etc.).  Even though I am a huge early American history buff, there was really only one thing I specifically wanted to see while in Boston:

Make Way for Ducklings!

After a quick pub stop for nourishment and libations, we headed out to my aunt and uncle’s in Old Lyme, Connecticut for the night.


I awoke to a bright and beautiful Friday morning on the Connecticut coast.  I took a stroll on the private beach and could even see Long Island eight miles out across the water!  After breakfast and much needed coffee, Jeff drove me to my hotel in Boston so I could get ready for the big evening.

5:00 pm: CARA Reception

The reception took place at the Foundry on Elm and was supposed to be drinks and conversation with the other VIPs, CARA (Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards) nominees, CASA Board members, festival performers, and general “aca-royalty.”  In reality, it was a continuous fangirl hour of me saying, “Hi, I’m Christine. I follow you on Twitter.”

7:30 pm: CARA Red Carpet & Live Awards / Collegiate Competition

Did I already say “aca-royalty?”  You can see a ton of red carpet photos taken by Michael Eldredge here, and you’ll see what I mean.  Huge thanks to Jim Diego of the Red States for rescuing me so I didn’t have to take my red carpet photo or sit alone.

The CARA Awards were interspersed with collegiate performances by University of Chicago Voices in Your Head, Northeastern University Nor’easters, Ithacappella (Ithaca College), University of Chicago Men in Drag, MIT Logarhythms, and University of Oregon Mind the Gap.  Michael Eldredge’s photos for the Friday night festivities are here.

Voices in Your Head came out on top. Holy “Titanium,” Batman. I am sure when the video of “Titanium” (opb. David Guetta feat. Sia) posts after ICCAs, it will not do justice to the live performance. Sound and choreo FTW!  In the meantime, here’s another video from Voices In Your Head, “Resistance” opb Muse:

I also highly recommend looking up the other collegiate groups on YouTube. It was an all-around stellar show.

While the judges were deliberating the collegiate competition, the handsome hosts and fabulously funny gentlemen who are Boston-based Ball in the House entertained us. If you’re not already a BitH fan, you need to be.  My 8-year old son was very excited to hear they sang an impromptu “Cupid Shuffle” and insists they come up with an a cappella “Cha-Cha Slide” next. Chasers will notice some familiar songs in their repertoire, like this fantastic cover:

In case you were curious, here’s the list of 2012 CARA winners.

There was an afterparty that I won’t say too much about other than that I ended up at a table with Amy Malkoff and Bill Hare. #beep

What a way to start the weekend, right?!  Wait till you hear about Saturday and Sunday…

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