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BOSS 2012 Hangover: Because of SATURDAY, Part 1

Certainly Friday alone was worth the cost of the entire festival, but then came Saturday.

I. Was. Not. Ready.

Mostly I wasn’t ready because of too much Friday night afterparty, but then again, it could have been being on the east coast while still on west coast time. Yeah, that’s why the first thing I made it to was lunch.

VIP Lunch with the Pros

I had no idea what to expect, but the email told me when and where to be to meet the groups that would be in the professional showcase, so I showed up. And so did they.

The food was yummy, and I ended up sitting at a table with two other VIPs, a CASA Board member, and group members from Redline and Traces, listening to them talk shop.  Redline is a CAL group from Boston who won a couple of CARA Awards on Friday.  Traces is a FANTABULOUS quintet of women from NYC who I can’t wait to tell you more about. I mean, WOW.  And I will add, very gracious and sincere and humble and passionate women, at that.

And then someone announced, “Cadence is here!”  That’s right. The very first group I featured in “First Listen Friday.” Live. In Person. In the same room as me. GAH.  I didn’t get to meet or chat with them at the time, but no worries. Wait till Because of SATURDAY, Part 2. <grin>


The first workshop I attended was “Stage Presence” with Cadence. In the front row, of course, because that’s the kind of aca-groupie I am.  I didn’t absorb a lot of the content of this workshop because (1) I am not a singer in a singing group, and (B) I was basking in the greatness that is Cadence just two feet away from me.  Did I say GAH?

I will say, however, that there were many times I  heard what Cadence said and thought to myself, “Yep. Straight No Chaser does that right, too.” Sorry I’m not sorry. I’m a Chaser at heart.

Cadence presenting their “Stage Presence” workshop at BOSS 2012 (L to R: Carl, Lucas, Ross, Kurt).

I also attended Benjamin Stevens’ “Essential Listening” and just kind of sat there in awe. I think I’ll have to attend that one again at SoJam or a future BOSS to be able to put into words all the thoughts that ran through my head. Recommended.


Acabombs are performances that happened between workshops by pre-selected groups. More a cappella goodness, as if there weren’t enough already. I didn’t get to see all five, but here are two I saw in their entirety and loved.


So, at first I thought it was Overboard singing because I recognized some of the members, but I was quickly corrected.  At the time the following video was being recorded, I was standing 5 feet away tweeting, “Them’s some fine boys who can sing.” You’ll see what I mean.

There’s another video of this song on YouTube, but I really think the acabomb version has a little something extra.  And then there’s the brand-spanking new single on iTunes with an even different take (mixed by James Cannon) that you can buy here that has some fabulous #basslove going on.

Members: Alfredo Austin, Jeff Eames, Dustin Hyatt, Mark Joseph, Beejul Khatri, Caleb Whelden
Twitter: @blueprintvocals


One word: BOSS-stache.  What?  You need more reason to love this group? Well, okay, here you go. They sang this one:

I also very  much enjoyed their performance of “Boondocks” with soloing by Mickey (far right) and Nick (2nd from left) when put on the spot in Cadence’s “Stage Presence” workshop:

Cut-Off sings “Boondocks” in Cadence’s “Stage Presence” workshop at BOSS 2012.

Best of all, they’re just really fun to hang out with.  Buy their latest single, “21 Guns,” on iTunes here and #getcutoff.

Members: Logan Good, Mickey Hamilton, Nick Hunter, Katelyn Marasco, Nicole Milano, Taylor Moore, Jenna Owens, David Porter, Deanna Spiotta, Leanne Swaciak, Ricky Thomas, Matthew Zager*
Twitter: @cutoffacappella

Professional Showcase

Nope. You don’t get to hear about this until Part 2. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. And the afterparty of BOSS-staches.  Stay tuned!


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