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Things I Won’t Tell My Daughter

on May 10, 2012

While in the car the other day, I started messing with my iPod to put some music on, and my 5-year old daughter Rory announced:

I think it would be great if the House Jacks and Ball in the House would sing together. They could be the House Balls!

I promptly tweeted, and this happened. If you don’t read Twitter, that’s too bad.

Christine M.@LovedeAcapella
5yo Miss Rory just created her own #acappella supergroup by requesting to hear the House Balls (@theHousejacks + @ballinthehouse)

♫ S.J. Fosnaught ♫ @SarahFosnaught
@LovedeAcapella @thehousejacks @ballinthehouse HA. I was thinking of BiTH and @homefreeguys. Wait.

Nick Girard ‏ @nicholasgirard
@LovedeAcapella @theHousejacks @ballinthehouse House Balls?! Made my night.

Ryan Chappelle ‏ @Bassguy_Ry
Love it. RT @nicholasgirard: @LovedeAcapella @theHousejacks @ballinthehouse House Balls?! Made my night.

Home Free @HomeFreeGuys
@SarahFosnaught @lovedeacapella @thehousejacks @ballinthehouse when our forces combine, we are House Free Jack Balls #captainplanetgonewrong

@HomeFreeGuys @SarahFosnaught @lovedeacapella @thehousejacks @ballinthehouse Can we join to make it House Free Jack Blue Balls?

Christine M.@LovedeAcapella
@blueprintvocals @HomeFreeGuys @SarahFosnaught @thehousejacks @ballinthehouse I am so not reporting this conversation back to 5yo Rory. Ack.

You a cappella people are out of control.


3 responses to “Things I Won’t Tell My Daughter


  2. Minnarie says:

    I need to get on twitter more often!

  3. rugbychick says:

    LOVE this!

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