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Do You Suffer from #basslove?

on February 8, 2012

Fellow #basslove-rs of the world, unite! Did you know @mccannmusic was the originator of the #basslove hashtag on the Twitter in 2009?

Well, today I thought I’d post 5 of my favorite #basslove songs and take a little poll. I know I’m a little heavy on the Chaser followers, but try to be objective and vote for your true favorite. You’ll notice I included the all-female group Delilah because women can sing bass, too!

1. Club for Five “Brothers in Arms”

2. Delilah “Grenade” #ladynads

3. Duke Pitchforks “Home”

4. Straight No Chaser “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

5. Tonic Sol-fa “Highway Patrol”

So, which was your favorite?

Some other current favorites of mine:

  • Blue Jupiter “Lil’ Red Riding Hood”
  • Duke Pitchforks “Hysteria”
  • The Heebee-Jeebees “Mr. Bass Man”
  • Naturally 7 – basically anything
  • Straight No Chaser “Hi De Ho”
  • Straight No Chaser “Live Your Life and Flow with Whatever You Like”
  • Take 6 “Spread Love” #bangkbangk
  • Vocal Union “Get Ready”

Let everyone know your favorite #basslove songs in the comments!


10 responses to “Do You Suffer from #basslove?

  1. Alex Kornreich (@awarriormom) says:

    Voted!! I *did*, in fact, listen to all of them, but the *winner* is easy. 🙂

  2. @BelgianChaser aka Lieve De Geyter says:

    SNC basses will always be the best for me. ( yep there is a lot of snc basslove in my heart)But a second place goes to the duke pitchforks. That guy as an amazing voice and lot of soul.

  3. Marcia (zachermm) says:

    Very cool! Naturally my heart and vote will always be with Tonic Sol-fa. However, there is a whole lotta talent on this page. Wow! 🙂

  4. Shaina says:

    DAMMIT. You know how much I love SNC, but the PITCHFORKS. That being said, I prefer the CD recording to this live version… /tough choice

  5. Scott says:

    I had such a GREAT time seeing SNC out here. And was really impressed by Grinch. I have #basslove

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